Business area

Synthetic resin raw materials

We offer a broad lineup of superior products suited to market needs. We will contribute to your business with the three advantages of a specialized trading company.

Three advantages

Low cost

We have the top market share in Japan, and we have our own large warehouse, which means that we can offer low prices through bulk purchases. *1

Supporting small-scale orders

With our unique production system, we can respond flexibly to a wide range of needs. You can order from the smallest lot. *2

Short lead-time

Stock is shipped quickly from our factory. We will deliver the necessary quantity with a short lead-time according to your needs. *2

*1: As a trading company specializing in resins.
*2: Some products may not be supported. Please contact us directly for details.

Machinery and equipment sales business

We provide total support for plastic molding machines and peripheral equipment: from sales and trade-in to after-sales service.

Sales of machinery and equipment
Machinery and equipment
Injection molding machine/extruder
Unloader/traverse/temperature controller/mixer/dryer/crusher/magnet clamp/other peripheral equipment